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Hiring and Procrastination Do Not Mix

Job Seeker happy over job offer

As a hiring manager or executive, it is important you realize that hiring and procrastination do not mix. While this statement may seem blunt, it is one you will not want to learn the hard way. Procrastinating during the hiring process can result in you losing out on potentially valuable employees. It can also make it more difficult to get key positions filled. Don’t bother trying to “get the ball in motion” until you are truly ready to begin the hiring process and see it through to completion.

Once you are 100% ready to locate and bring on a new employee, then and only then, should you begin your search for the ideal candidate.

Figure Out Your Ideal Candidate Before You Roll Out Your Search

If you are not totally sure what type of employee you want or what kind of person would fit best into the position you currently have available, then take some time to figure it out. Which qualities do you value most?

  • Highly skilled manual therapist
  • Able to properly diagnose patients
  • Knowledgeable on the latest treatment options
  • Resourceful/able to customize treatment for each individual patient
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good communication skills
  • Good bedside manner/works well with patients
  • Compassionate and understanding of patients’ needs
  • Realistic, yet always maintaining a positive attitude
  • Hard worker and eager to learn

Of course, an ideal candidate would have all of these qualities, however if you don’t figure out which qualities you value most, you will likely end up with a candidate who doesn’t fit the bill. A veteran PT may seem good on paper, but if he or she isn’t able to be compassionate and understanding with your patients, that could be a problem. A new grad may not seem like the best option, but if he or she has good communication skills, is a hard-worker and is eager to learn, it may be well worth the investment.

Be Ready to Conduct Interviews

Once you figure out the type of person you want, you’ll have a much easier time finding him or her. It’s simply knowing before going. Let’s say, for example, you were going to store to buy groceries. If you didn’t make a list ahead of time or have any idea of what you needed, one of two things would happen: you’d either spend more money than necessary or you’d waste an awful lot of time walking around the store trying to figure out what to buy.

The same is true when hiring. You need to know what you want ahead of time so you are truly ready to conduct interviews. This way, when you have potential candidate in front of you, you will be able to tell right away whether he or she matches your requirements and needs. It’s as simple as that.

You Don’t Need to Settle…It’s Either Yes or No

Keep this in mind….you don’t need to settle. The person either fits or doesn’t. It’s either yes or it’s no.

If he or she is a perfect candidate, don’t procrastinate, make an offer. If the person doesn’t fit, say thank you and move on.

The only way you wouldn’t be able to make an immediate decision after conducting a job interview, is if you were lacking information. Think about it. Is there anything else you need to know to make a final decision? If so, ask the question. Get the information. Don’t hem and haw. Don’t try to hold onto mediocre applicants because you’re worried about getting the position filled. If you like the person and think he or she would make a good fit, then get that person on board.

Make an Offer Before It’s Too Late

It is not uncommon for a job seeker to interview with multiple employers. He or she is simply wanting to see what is available and try to find the most ideal working environment. So, if you don’t want to lose a potentially ideal candidate, you’ll want to make an offer before it’s too late. Don’t wait for another employer to do it first. Make an offer. Seal the deal.

The person may or may not accept the offer, but either way, you’ll want to be first to the table. TIP: It also helps to know what aspects of a job offer are most important to the candidate you want. Does the person want a specific amount of money? Is he or she flexible on that figure if other benefits, like healthcare, retirement fund, continued education, time off, schedule flexibility, etc. are offered? You don’t want to blindly make an offer only to have it shot down. If you really want this person, do your homework and make an enticing offer. You and your company will be glad you did.

For more than 20 years, The People Link has been dedicated to helping companies achieve their hiring objectives. Our focus is on finding qualified healthcare applicants to fill open positions in the Dental and Allied Healthcare industries, to the benefit of all. To find out more information about our services, can visit The People Link online or call Mya directly at 818-890-9998 to obtain a free, no-obligation consultation.

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