Should You Retain a Recruiter?

Four Questions you Must Ask

Top company executives know it all too well. The difference between a prosperous operation and one that merely struggles along is mainly the quality of its staff. Who wouldn't want to wave a magic wand and make these ideal employees appear instantly?

Well, there are Professional Recruiters and Employment Agencies, but when it comes to retaining one, these questions need to be addressed:

  • How cost-effective is it?
  • How do I choose a Recruiter or Employment Agency?
  • How good will the hire be?
  • What guarantee do I have that the hire will work out?
Checklist of questions to ask recruiter
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How Cost Effective Is It?

Consider the cost of hiring, after weeks of resumes and interviews, an executive who is not a good fit. They will absorb the attention of a surprising number of productive staff in an attempt to train/assist them. Often, they make decisions that contribute directly to financial loss. Unfortunately, this is often blamed on other factors and so it persists for many months. And you lose the revenue you would have made with a good hire. All the while, this person is drawing a salary. Finally, you will be back at square one, still needing an employee.

By statistic, it can costs up to 30% of an employee's annual salary just to put him on the job, whether or not he stays.

Can a Recruiter or Employment Agency do better?
A skilled recruiter (including those operating an Employment Agency) will analyze exactly what the position requires and provide a targeted list of highly qualified prospects who understand what the company is looking for and also show evidence of competence in that area.

With a minimum of impact on company staff and production, the position is filled in a few days to a few weeks with a person who is an immediate asset, much less expensive to put onto the job and a quick return on investment.

How Do I Choose A Recruiter or Employment Agency?

Think of the job market as a vast, disorganized network of employers and prospects dispersed across many different lists, sites, ads and directories and further broken down by salary, specialization, demand and so forth. Add to this the fact that most resumes represent a “best foot forward” representation of the prospect and not necessarily an accurate profile.

Unfortunately, there are many recruiter operations that treat the business as a bulk resume operation and simply access listings from somewhere on the job market network and forward applications up to your company. They are glorified want ad brokers. The burden of wading through interviews is up to you and all the risk of hiring the wrong person is yours.

You want a recruiter who is:

  • experienced
  • well networked
  • hands-on with the prospects
  • able to understand the quality of hire you need
  • able to go beyond the resume and accurately evaluate a prospect's suitability
  • well supplied with glowing references from other clients
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How good will the hire be?

Now lets talk about The People Link and benefits to you. As an employer, you want the best possible hire on post with the least amount of impact to the operation. The People Link has developed a highly workable bridge to make this happen. We call it:

K.N.O.W. Before You Go

Knowledge of the job. The first step is to work with the employer to define exactly what is needed. It's never just a list of functions. All jobs involve a mix of various levels of aptitude, interpersonal skills, management ability, creative output and other dynamics that together represent not just WHAT the job is, but WHO should fill it. The People Link skillfully works with the employer to identify the dynamics most needed for each position they fill.

Network for applicants. A recruiter's most valuable tool is their connections and The People Link has a deep database that runs through many fields, including the movers and shakers that make up each enterprise. This business is about the quality of contacts and The People Link has more than most HR departments could ever hope to have. Developed over almost two decades, it is not merely names on a list, it is a core base of trusted and reliable relationships.

Observe the prospect. A good recruiter sees beyond the resume. They are not only a good judge of people and their abilities which they can spot during in-depth interviews with the prospect.

Weekly follow-ups. After a candidate is hired, The People Link follow up weekly with the employer and, as needed, with the hire as well. These follow-ups help to fine tune the adjustment period and ensure expectations have been met.

What Guarantee Do I Have That The Hire Will Work Out?

Nearly 98% of all the people placed by The People Link have been successful. This includes positions in the Allied Healthcare field, in Dentistry and in general Office Administration for companies large and small.

The People Link offers the most straightforward guarantee in the business:
We guarantee that your new employee will be an excellent fit for your company. In the rare instance that they don't work out within the first 90 days, we'll replace them with someone who does, at no extra charge. In addition, there is no upfront fee to engage our service. If you hire someone from us, the fee is due after 30 days of start date as long as the hire is a success according to both you and the new employee. How's that for a guarantee?


The Professional Recruiter with a unique personal touch, The People Link is committed to finding the ideal job match between employers and job seekers. Our clients take advantage of our more than two decades of experience and a successful placement rate of 98%.

Because of our success rate and our volume, we are able to charge 30%-50% less than most other recruiters, ensuring the employer a rapid return on investment.

Inquiries from both employers and job seekers are held in absolute confidence and treated with discretion.

If you need a quality therapist or dentist, you are already losing money that the right employee could be making for you.

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