We have a unique approach to recruitment, something that defines us as a very special kind of recruiter. You could call it a personable recruiter. We work with you to find a candidate that matches what you are looking for. You will not see random resumes from us, when we send a resume to you that person has been thoroughly checked out and deemed a good fit. If you agree, we have a winner. The steps we take to find that special person are outlined below.

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Step 1 - Client's needs assessment

The first thing we do is find out from you, the employer, what it is that you need and are looking for. This includes getting familiar with your business in general and the position in question in particular. The following items may be covered during this phase:

  • What services does your company provide?
  • Where is your business located?
  • Title of the position and an in-depth description of its duties and responsibilities.
  • We research your company and your services on your website to achieve thorough familiarity.
  • We also get all the particulars about the position in terms of what kind of person is needed, what particular skills are needed and anything else that's specific to performing that job

With all that data at hand, we then have a full understanding of what is needed by your company.

Step 2 - Candidate research, identification, evaluation and selection

More often than not, we can come up with a suitable prospect immediately, just from knowing our job seeker pool. If that is the case a new interview is done to determine job seeker interest in your position. If the interest is there, we get reference checks done or updated and then schedule an interview with you, the employer. Included in our qualification process is determining the goals and purposes of the job seeker and making sure those are aligned with the position in question. We achieve a high rate of success when we have a good match in job seeker purposes and the nature of your company. As part of the qualification process we also verify license requirements and good standing.

If a suitable candidate is not immediately available, we then search our database, place advertisements on selected web sites, network through our contacts until a suitable candidate is located. During this process we listen to the feedback from job seekers and your hiring manager from the interviews and then use that to fine tune our search until the perfect, qualified candidate is hired.

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Step 3 - Finalizing the hire

When a suitable candidate is found and you enter negotiations with that candidate about the position, we assist as necessary to ensure that both the job seeker and you as the employer have worked out the details to your satisfaction. We stand by all the way to ensure a happy match and a good qualified new employee for you.

Step 4 - After the hire follow up and quality control

After the hire is complete, we follow up with your HR department or the new employee's immediate supervisor to see how things are going. We assist both the new employee and your HR department with anything that may come up as an issue to making the new hire a complete success. Remember that you have 30 days to make sure your newly hired employee is working out for you. If not, then no fee is due and we go back to work to find someone who will work out.

And also remember that you have a replacement guarantee specified in our agreement so that if for any reason the new employee does not work out within the guarantee period, we will provide a replacement at no additional charge. But we have over 95% retention rate so you are virtually guaranteed to have a long and successful working relationship with your new employee.

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