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Our new employee is doing great and patients really like him. I can say that Mya listened to my needs and was able to find a candidate to fit my clinic's profile. She did not waste my time with candidates that did not meet our needs. Our new PT is fabulous and is a great addition to the Lifestyle team. I would absolutely use Mya and The People Link again.
Lifestyle PT
Jan 2019

Physical Therapy

You are welcome. We are very happy with her to this point. I wanted to let you know that we appreciate all of your help. It was a difficult position for us to staff and you're ability to fill most of our expectations did not go unnoticed. We don't have a lot of experience working with a placement agency and do understand this wasn't a normal situation. Thank you for all of you time and assistance!
Linda Gieseke, COTA/L
HR Coordinator
Odom Health & Wellness
June 2017

Job Seeker

Thank you Mya, I truly appreciate your efforts and helping me secure the job. You have been a great resource, and you have followed me every step of the way.
Continue to be great!
E. H Feb 2017


People Link did a fabulous job connecting our dental practice with an associate dentist. Their representative (Mya) asked us for specifics on the details of The Smile Place, which specializes in serving children. During nearly a 2 month long search People Link kept us informed of their progress through regular contacts with us. The follow up was outstanding!!! They understood our mission and found a dentist who more than met the specific needs and aspects of our practice. I recommend The People Link to anyone searching for the right employee.
Lynette, The Smile Place

Job Seeker PTA

I love the new job I love the employers and working for the hours the camaraderie with my coworkers the staff is awesome. As far as Mya is concerned she's in A League of Their Own she stayed on top of things even when I contacted her after hours. She is very professional and she has the ability to match the right employee with the right employer that is a skill a talent any professional football team would love to have her as a recruiter. If I was looking for a job again I would contact her first. !! As a recruiter she did everything right she went the extra mile with me even if it meant working after hours !! I'd highly recommend her!! Anyone reading this should take the time to work with her and People Link. People Link found an unlimited supply of gold with Mya.
William D. PTA

Physical Therapy

On behalf of Care First Rehab, thank you for for the wonderful holiday gift basket! It has been a joy teaming up with you this year to hire staff for our organization. I look forward to our continued recruiting relationship in 2017!
Warm Regards D.M.

Physical Therapy

B. started last week. She is doing very well and is very likable and quite smart. Lovely demeanor. Thank you. Please email me your invoice and I will pay you. She is a wonderful addition to my small office.
Elizabeth Scarpelli

Physical Therapy

Happy Holidays. I thought you would like to know that R. W. PTA is working out great. We were able to open our 4th clinic and Rebecca was a big part of that. I anticipate the need to hire again sometime in the next few months. The job details will be the same - outpatient setting for PT or PTA.
Scott Stonestreet OTR
VP Bayside Rehab

Physical Therapy

Mya works tirelessly to meet our very high requirements for personnel recruitment. She provided an exceptional candidate who we hired and has worked out amazingly well. Of all the PT's we’ve hired in the past year, her candidate is one of the strongest we've met and we couldn't be happier with our new hire's performance. Mya always follows up with our correspondences if I've forgotten to email her back regarding next steps for the candidates and she is always on the look out for great talent to join our organization. Thank you for your hard work!
President BODY GEARS Physical Therapy (June 2015)

Physical Therapy

I would like to start this letter by thanking Mya Borgman and the folks at The People Link for finding us an exceptional staff member. We have a growing practice and our biggest challenge is recruiting therapists to our rural community. We had been trying to recruit a physical therapist for months on end, with absolutely no luck. When we finally decided to use a “head hunter” our expectations were that it would be costly and that we would be interviewing candidates that really did not want the job. We were wrong. Mya found us several candidates within a few short weeks. We were most impressed with the fact that these candidates were high quality and interested in the position we had open. Mya works very hard to identify the needs and goals of both employer and job seeker and matches them up for success. That must be the secret to the success of The People Link- they listen.
Thank you for listening, Mya!
Ownership of Bayside Rehabilitation, Inc. (Oct 2016)

Physical Therapy

Mya, Thank you for your assistance. We offered her the job and she accepted! We are very excited to add her to our team. I wanted to again thank you for all of your help. Hiring can be somewhat of a nightmare, but you made it much easier for Nikki and me. You are one of the few recruiters that actually listened to what we wanted and what we needed in an employee. Being a small business owner and located in a rural setting, our needs are very different from those in a suburb/city setting.
Sara S Morrison PT, CDT, FCE, CFT, Cert DN, FMT, Owner
Total Body Therapy & Wellness LLC (March 2015)

Speech Therapy

Thank you for finding us the perfect fit for our needs at Children’s Therapy Network. For over a year we searched for a bilingual speech therapist who was comfortable working with families and children in their homes. Not only in the homes, but often times in rural areas. Julio not only is a kind and caring person, but professional, great with his paperwork, and the families love him. Since his arrival we have gotten more referrals than he can handle. This not only has allowed us to serve our clients needs, but has grown our business for the other ancillary services too.
Thank you very much,
Dr. Cassandra Woods, DPT, PT, CEO.
Children's Therapy Network, Inc.

Physical Therapy

The People Link is fast and effective in finding the perfect fit! Their staff always goes the extra mile to ensure a perfect placement every time. The People Link is the first place I go when I need to hire medical professionals.
Dore Hudson Office Manager
Cambria, CA


I recommend using The People Link. Mya was very professional and always responded to my questions right away. My request was filled immediately and the applicant that was sent to me is exactly what I have been searching for. He is very professional and one of the very best applicants I have ever met. I will certainly continue to use The People Link in the future.
Dr Drake
Nolana Dental
San Benito, TX

Physical Therapist

I have worked with Mya for the last three years on clerical and administrative personnel needs with great success. She found us the best Accounts Receivable Supervisor that our Clinic has ever had. The single most challenging position that I have to hire for, however, is that of Physical Therapist. We have had two (2), full time, permanent openings for the last year. I currently have five (5) agencies who specialize ONLY in PT placement working for us full time, trying to fill the openings. I have posted ads on professional sites, newspapers, and non-professional sites. Mya does not specialize in PTs per se, but decided to take on the challenge. Within two (2) weeks of accepting the challenge, she found us an excellent local candidate who I was able to hire and start within the week! Completely unprecedented! My five other agencies are still "working on it". In addition to being a top notch recruiter, Mya is a wonderful person to work with who genuinely cares and always goes that extra mile. There isn't another agency that I can or would recommend. Mya definitely makes miracles!
Kindest regards,
V.W., General Manager, Advantage Physical Therapy


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The People Link is fast and effective in finding the perfect fit! Their staff always goes the extra mile to ensure a perfect placement every time. The People Link is the first place I go when I need to hire medical professionals”
–D. H., Cambria, CA

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