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What Factors Make Job Seekers Most Likely to Apply


When looking for potential candidates to fill an open position, it’s not always easy to know exactly what to say in order to get job seekers to apply. You can guess. You can hope your ad highlights factors important to job seekers, but how can you really know what matters most? What’s going to set your ad out above the others? More...

The Purpose of a Job Interview

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Despite the fact most hiring managers and employers have a basic understanding of the purpose of a job interview, it’s not uncommon for key questions to be missed during the interview process. Unless you can walk away from a job interview, knowing whether you want to hire an applicant, you probably haven’t asked enough questions. In some instances, you may not be asking the right questions.More...

Why You Should Choose Attitude Over Skill When Hiring

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When it comes to hiring, attitude should outweigh skill every time. While certain core skills are required to do specific jobs, if a job applicant does not have a positive attitude and willingness to do the work, what have you got? You’ve simply got someone who will do the bare minimum to get a paycheck. If you want more than that, we recommend you choose attitude over skill when hiring. More...