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Why You Need to Move Quickly When Hiring

Move Quickly When Hiring

As a business owner, or office manager, you are probably well aware of the stress having an open, unfilled position can cause. Not only does it take up your time and attention, but it also weighs heavily on your day-to-day operations and can cost you a lot of money and future business. When positions are left open, mistakes get made and services might not be delivered with the quality your customers have come to expect.More...

Tips for Hiring During a Pandemic

Recruitment process

While most companies have spent years developing tried and true hiring methods, hiring during a pandemic has presented some unique challenges. For example, walk-in applicants and multiple, in-person hiring interviews have all but become a thing of the past…at least for now. The priority in hiring, and in day-to-day operations, is focused on the safety of both patients and staff. More...

Hiring Process Etiquette for Employers

Mad HR Manager

Just as job seekers must adhere to a proper etiquette during the hiring process, if they wish to ever get hired, so do employers. Employers who fail to follow certain guidelines and common courtesies when interviewing potential employees may find it difficult to get their open positions filled. More...