Terms and Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable use: This feature may only be used to advertise open job positions at your company. Only one position per Ad can be advertised. An Ad submitted advertising several different positions will be rejected. Any other use, such as any promotion of other products, services or websites is not permitted. Any violations of the acceptable use policies laid out herein will result in the Ad being withdrawn and your account locked out.

Job listings maintenance: A job listings Ad will be placed in our job listings for a period of 30 days. If the Ad has not been deactivated or renewed by you before the end of the 30 days, it will automatically be deactivated. You may reinstate the Ad by logging in to your account and selecting "Resubmit" for the Ad in question. Once the payment has been received it will be listed again for a new 30 day period. You can also resubmit the Ad before its expiration date using the same procedure.
Should you decide to withdraw an Ad before the 30 days period is up, simply either deactive it or delete it in the My Jobs list. To reinstate a deleted Ad you must resubmit it as a new Ad and pay the monthly fee. We cannot recover a deleted Ad so be sure it is no longer needed when you decide to delete it. We will maintain deactivated Ads in our system for a period of 90 days at which point they will be permanently deleted. Once an Ad has been approved and is being listed, it can be modified by you to correct errors or update information. You are not allowed to make such changes that the Ad is now promoting a different position. Only minor corrections are allowed.

Payments and refunds: The advertisement will be posted on our site once the Ad has been reviewed and payment verified. There is no refund for any unused portion of the 30 days. Since we are using PayPal as our credit card processing facility we do not have or keep on file any of your credit card information. PayPal uses a secure connection when you make the payment so be assured your credit card info is kept safe. You also expressly waive any right to request a credit card chargeback through your credit card company, bypassing our problems resolution process.

Problems resolution: Should there ever be any problems with your use of this feature, please contact us immediately either by email or by phone depending on the urgency of the matter. Contact info can be found on our "Contact Us" page. We will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event that the website or the job listings become unavailable to visitors for 24 hours or longer we will compensate by adding the lost time to your paid for period of time.

Disclaimer: The People Link Corp. expressively denies any liability related to disputes between you and potential job seekers that may arise as a result of your connection through this site and its advertisements. We do not guarantee or promise any results from your advertisements. The fee paid only covers advertising space on our site and additional promotion.