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Ask any hiring manager and you'll probably find many of them will say it only takes a few minutes to decide whether a job applicant will be a good fit. First impressions are a big deal when interviewing for a job. Not only will you be judged based on your appearance, demeanour, manners and resume, but on your personality and how you answer their questions. In a relatively short period of time, you have to communication and demonstrate how you can and will do the job, why you're a good fit for the company, and what makes you an ideal candidate.  

How to Outshine the Competition
We realize searching for a new job may be difficult at times. Not only can the competition be tough, but having to go on interview after interview might seem tedious or never-ending. You think you've found the ideal job and you hope you're a good fit, then suddenly you're passed up for someone else.
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What Your Resume Says About You
Your resume says EVERYTHING about you. While some people may not consider having a thorough and updated resume to be important, trust us when we say it is essential. Your resume is what gets your foot in the door. It is what gets a potential employer to make the decision as to whether he or she wants to bring you in for an interview. A poorly written resume could be destroying your chances of getting the job you want.
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A story about successful job placement.
"Thank you Mya, I truly appreciate your efforts and helping me secure the job. You have been a great resource, and you have followed me every step of the way. Continue to be great!” - E.H.
Employers Can't Read Your Mind.
As a job seeker in the Dental or Allied Health field, you need to realize potential employers can't read your mind. You need to spell things out in your resume. Make it clear what you have done, what you want to do and why you are the ideal candidate. If you're applying for a pediatric position because you love working with kids, say so. If you'd prefer an outpatient clinic, highlight your experience and why you'd be perfect for that type of position.
Be Specific. Be Upfront.
You'd be surprised how many potential applicants lose out on positions simply because they aren't specific or upfront about what they want. You must prepare yourself before going on an interview. Know what your objectives and goals are, what you want out of the job, as well as what you're willing to accept (regarding compensation, benefits, continued education, etc.). Don't say you want one thing, then change your mind later. Be upfront and specific. Ask for what you want. It's the only way to determine if you and your potential employer can come to an amicable agreement.
Currently in the job market?
Looking for work in the Allied Health or Dental industry is often a tedious and time-consuming process. Doing search after search online or going from website to website submitting your resume can be discouraging. Why not have potential jobs come straight to you? Get a "job alert" email when a job in your particular industry and area becomes available.
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