• Job Nbr:
  • Date Posted:
    1/13/2020 6:52:00 PM
  • Employer Industry:
  • Employer Type:
  • Location:
    West Los Angeles CA 90025
  • Position Type:
  • PT/FT:
    Ful time
  • Hours:
    Flexible full time
  • Experience Required:
    You should have a few years under your belt with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Education Requirements:
    Master's or Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy
  • Cert/Lic Required:
    Licensed as a Physical Therapist in California.
  • Computer Skills Required:
    We use WebPT

Physical Therapist

From: The People Link Corp
Description: I am looking for a Physical Therapist to join our thriving outpatient clinic as a profit sharing partner having a vested interest in the expansion and success of the company. Clinic is in West Los Angeles, CA.


We provide a full spectrum of conventional physical therapy services and use the leading edge of science in examination and treatment.
Potential of $150k/year based on production
Benefits offered:
This position is a "revenue split", no benefits are included.


Our outpatient physical therapy clinic is equipped with a gym and modern equipment and in this wonderful facility we service patients from about age 6 - 104 and we are not married to any specific school of thought. We are pragmatic = we use what works with excellent results.

We are looking for a partner where we provide referrals, space, tools, staff, telecom, billing services. You will supply your expertise, time and labor. You will make your own hours and you will split the revenue you are producing. This setup could yield over $150k annual income or better working full time.

You should have an interest in physical rehabilitation, pilates, yoga, dry cupping, kinesio taping core conditioning, functional sports specific training and willing to learn new things.

Our clinic is very successful and well known. If you are ready for the challenge we want to talk to you today.
Why you should come work for us:
We have an awesome cohesive team, opportunity to learn, outcome based approach.

We only hire self-motivated, responsible, accountable individuals. This place is NOT for slackers.

We are in a space with several ortho surgeons which makes it easier to curate treatment and make adjustments in real time, and this allows us to take x-rays as needed.

Your income is directly related to your output. More patient visits, more billing = more income.

Ask for Mya Borgman at 818-890-9998 when calling about this position.