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Resume Tweaks That Could Help You Land the Perfect Job

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Writing a resume can be daunting task. Not everyone agrees on the right formatting or procedure. Some say you should emphasis one aspect, while others say focus on another. One day you're told cover letters are a must and the next it's determined to be completely unnecessary. More...

The Purpose of a Job Interview

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Despite the fact most hiring managers and employers have a basic understanding of the purpose of a job interview, it’s not uncommon for key questions to be missed during the interview process. Unless you can walk away from a job interview, knowing whether you want to hire an applicant, you probably haven’t asked enough questions. In some instances, you may not be asking the right questions.More...

6 Tips to Help You Get Hired Fast

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Did you know it takes a job seeker between 30 and 90 days on average to find a job? Staggering, isn’t it? Of course, the time it’ll take you to get hired will vary depending on the industry in which you want to work as well as the number of positions available.More...