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Employee vs Employer disputes - Vital to resolve early

Companies certainly care about their employees. They appreciate the work the staff do that strives to improve conditions in every way. But no matter how you deal with the day-to-day problems of running a business, you're bound to come across some sort of dispute between management and staff. It happens.

Disputes that come to your attention can be simple to start with but can easily escalate. There are steps you can take to amicably address any issue and fix the problem. You want to avoid possible legal fees and conflicts that can devastate your business. Not only is it distracting to normal production, but also the emotional cost can be high. Don't allow any dispute to fester. Dive in and get it handled.

Employee quarrel

"Any hostile work environment obviously must be addressed and corrected right away...."


Bringing Disputes to Light

To be pro-active in dealing with employees, it could be a good idea to have some sort of weekly survey of all staff. This will bring to light problems that need to be addressed. On the survey, you should include questions that mainly focus on positive aspects of the person's job, but include questions that will bring to light any problems. You can ask questions such as:

  • What production did you accomplish this week?
  • What successes have you had on the job?
  • What company policy has helped you do your job better?
  • Any problems with management?
  • Any difficulties with applying company policy?

This could bring to light a potential problem. When you find someone who is having disagreements, you can then work on getting them resolved rapidly. You have steps you can take to get it resolved fast.

Stay up-to-date on the current laws in your state by consulting the website of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Steps in Addressing Employee / Employer Disputes

These are the steps you will take in quickly addressing and handling an employee dispute.

  • Interview the Employee and Resolve
  • Embark on Mediation

Interview the Employee and Resolve

Sitting down with the employee and going over their problem can sort it out right there. Go over company policy and find if there is something that is being violated, on either side. Hopefully you have an employee handbook that outlines what should be done in certain situations. If it is policy violated within the company, you will have to act to get it resolved right away, informing the staff member of the progress. This will let them see you are serious about resolving it.

Most employees get very frustrated when they bring a problem to the attention of an employer, and when the employer does nothing about it. Any hostile work environment obviously must be addressed and corrected right away.

If the infraction or problem is the fault or neglect of the employee, you can gently point this out and work out a resolution. If you are kind and understanding through the whole process, you can come to some agreement with the employee as to a solution to their problem. If they are themselves violating company policies, you should put it in writing while warning them to correct their behavior.

Always offer options, never "attack" the employee or take personally what he or she is complaining about. You must be willing to accept responsibility for any shortcomings in your company's operations, but you must also be willing to be understanding of the person's viewpoint even when they have what seems to be an unsubstantiated complaint. Diplomacy and fairness go a long way in resolving any problem. And having clearly defined rules of consequences for violations of company rules will back up any actions you take against them if they are in the wrong.

Embark on Mediation

Bringing in an outside person can help a situation that can't be resolved on a one-on-one basis. This is the way to get impartial feedback and get the views of someone not personally biased for either party, while looking thoroughly at both sides. Agreements can be reached rapidly. And mediation is less expensive than legal fees and can avoid any lingering animosity.

Many employers now have clauses within their employment contracts, company policy manuals and applications that require arbitration in the case of disputes. It's wise to have these drawn up by an attorney so you are within your state's legal boundaries. Drafting these clauses are sometimes shaped by earlier court decisions that put limitations on an employer in forcing employees to arbitrate legal disputes.

Almost any situation can be solved without resorting to legal measures and having a long-term conflict destroy your business and all you've worked for. Both sides can work together to find the ideal solution and end everything on a very positive note.

Don't fire any employee based only on an ongoing dispute. In certain circumstances, this can be considered discrimination and can lead to more major problems.

Always interview the employee in private.

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