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Although some people will tell you summer isn't always the best time of year to look for a job, it doesn't mean jobs aren't available. In fact, we have an abundance of employers actively seeking to hire both experienced therapists and dentists, as well as new grads. So whether you're looking for a new job or a change in career, The People Link is here to help. As Confucius once said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Let us help you get the job you'll love!

How You Could Be Burning Bridges and Losing Future Jobs
While it’s true job seekers will often have their pick of positions, this does not mean you want to burn bridges with potential employers. In fact, if you are a job seeker, you must take care not to alienate an employer or eliminate the possibility of return. Even when you choose not to accept a job offer, or you decide to go another way, how you communicate that to a prospective employer can mean all the difference...
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Get All The Facts Before You Turn Down or Accept a Job Offer
One thing job seekers often neglect to do is evaluate all the options in front of them before they turn down or accept a job offer.

Let's say, for example, you go on job interview and receive a nice offer. Then a family member or friend tells you about another potential employer and recommends you work there instead, as you'd be "guaranteed" to get hired. Rather than going to check out the recommended employer before you make a decision, you turn down your first offer and proceed to set up an interview with the new company. When you arrive, you find the office and equipment to be severely outdated, there are few patients lined up and it is not what you were looking for at all. When you try to go back to the first company and see if you can accept their offer, you find they have already hired someone else.

In instances such as this, it's best to get all the facts, THEN make your decision. This way you don't end up losing out on what could have been your ideal job.

A Job Seeker Success Story
"I love the new job, I love the employers, and working for the hours, the camaraderie with my coworkers and the staff is awesome...

"If I was looking for a job again I would contact Mya first. As a recruiter she did everything right. She went the extra mile with me even if it meant working after hours!! I'd highly recommend her!! Anyone reading this should take the time to work with her and People Link. People Link found an unlimited supply of gold with Mya."

- William D., PT Assistant
Job Seeker Tip
As a job seeker, you need to make yourself the obvious choice for whatever position you seek.

What this means is you can't just submit a cookie-cutter resume for each position you want. Take the time to do your research. Read the job description issued by the company. Learn what the company expects from any individual they hire to fill that position. Then, mirror some of the same words and phrases they used in their job description or ad in your own resume. Showcase your strengths and make it clear how you can deliver what they need (and more).
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If you are currently looking for work in the Allied Healthcare or Dental industries, we are here to help. We have clients located throughout the United States and are dedicated to matching up qualified job seekers with top-of-the-line employers.

While you are welcome to contact us directly, we also recommend you take a moment to check out our current job listings. You may just find your ideal position. We have openings for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Rehab Directors, Dentists and more.
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Whether you're a PT, OT, SLP, Dentist or other professional in the Allied Healthcare or Dental industry, we are here to help. We can help you find an extremely rewarding position where your talents and skills can be put to good use. Just call or email today to set up your free consultation.
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