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There's no question 2020 was not the the year we all had hoped. Now, however, we've moved into 2021 and, while many industries have had to scramble and figure out new ways to adapt to the current state of the world, we have hope for what's to come. You may not realize it, but we've actually seen a continued growth in the industries we service (Allied Healthcare and Dental).

How? Well, as I'm sure you've experienced, people still require your services. The need for a dentist, orthodontist, physical therapist, registered nurse, speech pathologist and many other professionals, hasn't changed. Even though how you deliver those services may have been adjusted, you deliver a valuable service people need and want.

Tips for Hiring During a Pandemic
While most companies have spent years developing tried and true hiring methods, hiring during a pandemic has presented some unique challenges.

The question is, how can you be sure you are getting the right person to fill your open position if you can't take all the hiring steps you've taken in the past? How do you keep your existing staff healthy and safe, while still being able to conduct job interviews with multiple applicants? The answer is...
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What Factors Make Your Position More Appealing to Job Seekers
While the hiring process may be different in 2021, the factors that make your position appealing (or not appealing) to job seekers haven't changed at all.

In fact, employers who put emphasis on these key factors will often find their positions get filled more quickly.

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A Placement Success Story
"Mya secured 3 potential candidates for us and we hired 2 of them! The most valuable aspect of the service I received was the quality of the applicants, meaning that I didn’t waste my time interviewing people who there was no chance of me hiring. My request was filled very quickly...we wanted one and ended up with two!"

"I found it easy & efficient to work with Mya and The People Link. Would absolutely use The People Link again in the future."

- KJ Sturhahn, Buffalo Prairie Dental
Maximize the Benefits of Working with a Recruiter
Working with a competent rectuiter can be extremely beneficial when trying to fill open positions at your company. These benefits will only come about, however, if you know how to work with a recruiter.

First of all, you have to consider a recruiter your own personal hiring manager. They're right there when you need to bring on a new employee, but you don't have the overhead cost like you would if you hired someone in house. Recruiters work on a per job basis.

To maximize the benefits of working with a recruiter, it's essential you provide the recruiter with all the details on your open position. They need to know exactly what you're looking for, what types of applicants you want to interview (i.e. new grads, only those with a few years experience, etc.), we well as what you are willing to offer.

Once your recruiter has this, it will then be much easier for them to seek out and find your ideal candidate. Don't hold back. Name what you want and let your recruiter get it for you.

Two Tips for Successful Hiring
First, how you market an available position, both before and during a job interview, makes all the difference in the world.

One thing employers sometimes forget is, while money is very immportant to employees, other factors can significantly peak an applicant's interest and may even turn the scales in your favor. What type of setting do you have? What benefits are offered? Do you have continuing education and room for advancement? Even if you are unable to check off everything on a potential employee's list, you need to make it clear what makes your office an ideal location for the ideal candidate.

Second, if you like a job applicant, use some of your interview time with them to discuss what they need and want. Sometimes job seekers will turn down an offer, even if they like the company, because the employer simply did not listen or inquire about what they hope accomplish. Take interest. Get details. Do what you can to make sure your offer is going to be accepted. Don't wait until after the person has left to try and negotiate details. While it can be done, it's much easier if you're both in agreement and on the same page when the interview is done.
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