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The first quarter of the year is one of the most popular hiring times. This means, not only are you searching for new staff, many other companies are as well. Qualified employees are in high demand, so figuring out how to gain the upper edge over your competitors will be beneficial. Fortunately, there are certain actions you can take to help you get those open positions filled.  

Successful Employers Always Do This When Conducting Job Interviews
Have you ever noticed some companies seem to have no difficulty finding volumes of staff, while others can’t seem to find a qualified candidate in a sea of applicants? What’s the difference between these companies?

Well, some of it may boil down to location and in other instances, it could be the size of the company. Larger companies often have more hiring resources, but this doesn’t mean smaller companies can’t find some of the best candidates an industry has to offer.
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Why You Should Hire an Outside Recruiter
As any successful business owner or executive will tell you, running a company takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to concern yourself with day-to-day operations, you also need to make sure your overhead costs get met. Although hiring may be an important issue, particularly if you want to expand, how do you find the time to find and interview qualified prospects?

Thankfully, that's where an outside recruiter comes in handy. A good recruiter would be able to find qualified candidates (based on your exact specifications), conduct initial interviews and only then send you those prospects worth your time. This would not only free up your time, it would also signficantly cut down overhead costs. No need to hire a recruiter in-house, when an outside recruiter could be on retainer and only called up when you had positions you needed to fill. All of the benefits with minimal impact to your company and a quick return on your investment.
Success in Job Placement
"The People Link is fast and effective in finding the perfect fit! Their staff always goes the extra mile to ensure a perfect placement every time. The People Link is the first place I go when I need to hire medical professionals."

- D.H., Cambria, CA

Added Benefit of Working with an Outside Recruiter.
An added benefit of working with an outside recruiter is you are able to tap into the recruiter's vast experience. Many recruiters specialize in one particular industry as well, so often have access to a volume of qualified applicants.

Having someone who knows the hiring lines inside and out, has resources at his or her disposal, and is working with your interests in mind, would be an extremely valuable asset. Just think...their sole purpose is to find you an ideal match. All you have to do it tell them exactly what you want.
Hiring Cost Comparison.
Did you know it can cost up to 30% of an employee's annual salary just to put him or her on the job, whether or not the employee stays?

I mean, think about it...first you have to list the open position, then filter through lots and lots of resumes, schedule and conduct interview after interview, all in the hopes of finding one person who might fit the bill.

Not only can this process cost quite a bit of money, it also costs you and/or your staff quite a bit of time. In the end, the cost may not be worth it, particularly if the employee you hire doesn't stay on.
Recruitment Results Guaranteed
If you are interested in getting external assistance with hiring, you'll want guaranteed recruitment results. The People Link has 20 years experience finding and placing qualified job applicants with employers in need. We also have a nearly 98% success rate and offer the most straightforward guarantee in the business.
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