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A recent study found it now takes employers an average of 52 days to fill an open position. This is up from 5-6 years ago, when vacant positions remained open for an average of 48 days. Entry-level positions are of course a little easier to fill, while executive positions or those requiring more education, skills and experience may take a lot longer. This is due in large part to job seekers having more options available to them. For this reason, employers need to address applicant needs as part of the hiring process, particularly if they want to have any real chance of bringing on high-quality staff.  

Key to Success in Hiring
While some people may believe hiring is as simple as advertising an open position, then sitting back to receive applications from potential candidates, do a few interviews and hire the individual you like best, it isn't always quite so cut and dry.
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Don't String Potential Candidates Along
When considering whether a job applicant might be a good match for an open position at your company, you've got to be decisive. Don't string the person along unnecessarily. If you think he or she is a good match, make an offer. If you don't, say so and let the person go on searching for a better match. You not only owe it to yourself, but you owe it to the potential candidate as well.

If you think the person may be an ideal match, be ready to make an offer and get him or her started asap. String the person along and you may end up losing a valuable asset and addition to your team.

Success in Job Placement.
"I would like to start this letter by thanking Mya Borgman and the folks at The People Link for finding us an exceptional staff member. We have a growing practice and our biggest challenge is recruiting therapists to our rural community. We had been trying to recruit a physical therapist for months on end, with absolutely no luck. When we finally decided to use a "head hunter" our expectations were that it would be costly and that we would be interviewing candidates that really did not want the job. We were wrong. Mya found us several candidates within a few short weeks. We were most impressed with the fact that these candidates were high quality and interested in the position we had open.

"Mya works very hard to identify the needs and goals of both employer and job seeker and matches them up for success. That must be the secret to the success of The People Link - they listen. Thank you for listening, Mya!"

- Ownership of Bayside Rehabilitation, Inc.
Proper Recruitment Etiquette.
How you conduct yourself during and following job interviews will have an impact on your company. If you want to maintain a positive image, as well as attract more job applicants and customers, proper recruitment etiquette is important. Do adequate research ahead of time. Conduct yourself professionally. Be prepared to make a hiring decision. Make yourself available for interviews. Respond to applicants in a timely manner. Be flexible. Be willing to negotiate and give candidates a good work-life balance. Keep in mind that just as you are evaluating a potential candidate for employment, he or she is also evaluating you and your company.
Review Your Online Presence.
We now live in a digital age. This means, potential applicants are not only going to go through your company's website while conducting their research, they are going to use other means as well. You should expect most applicants to use various search engines to find out more about your company, read customer reviews, look for current and past employee reviews, and more. Applicants may also look at your social media presence to gain a more comprehensive understanding and insight into your company.

While having a vast online presence isn't necessarily required in the Dental and Allied Healthcare industries, it can have an effect on how your company is perceived.
Breaking Through the Hiring Barrier
Whether you are just beginning the hiring process, or you'd like some help breaking through the hiring barrier, The People Link is here to help. We have a unique approach to recruitment that has resulted in a consistenly high retention rate over the past few decades. Give us a call to find out more.
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