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-  Mya Borgman, Founder and CEO

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You Can Take Advantage of the “Bad Times”

Today’s economic climate can actually give you an advantage! How you may ask? What sort of advantage can anyone get nowadays! Isn’t it all just bad news everywhere?

Well, it’s time to turn off the television and radio. It’s time to stop listening to the bringers of bad tidings. Don’t get swept up in the scary headlines. You need to jump to it and take the opportunity to turn circumstances to your benefit.

HR departments definitely have an advantage, even in these troubled times. Sadly, there are far too many people out of work currently. Many have come to a point of desperation. But they still are hunting for positions of stability. They apply ferociously at every company that seems to offer them a vision of a good future.


“...job applications flooding in ... You will get piles of resumes.”


The competition is heavy. Job applicants line up to submit resumes. Often, after much failure in obtaining the job they want, they begin to clutch at straws. They finally may not care what sort of job they obtain — just so it’s a JOB and will bring in enough to pay the bills. The job hunters will go to great lengths to find anything at all once they’ve been out of work for a while.

Human Resources Can Get Picky

This is the time when Human Resources will be inundated with all kinds of job seekers. They come in all shapes and sizes. They have many different purposes.

You’ll have those looking for something to do; anything at all. They just want a paycheck. They HAVE to have some money coming in, and since they may have been looking for a long time, they’ll jump at any opening.

They may have the idea that the job will be something they could “tolerate” until they can find something better. Perhaps they just submit resumes to anyone who has a position open for which they believe they could qualify. 

But you will most certainly be able to find those truly serious about getting a stable position. These applicants want a job where they can contribute to and expand a company. They might be having a hard time finding something, but they are going to hold out to find a great position with great people where they can be proud of their accomplishments. They want to be part of a real team. And yes, these types of job hunters still exist.

You Have the Biggest Advantage

When you have advertised the open position in the right ways, you’ll find an inordinate amount of job applications flooding in during these times of high unemployment. You will get piles of resumes. And because of this, you basically have your pick of a wide variety of potential employees. Of course, this is to your advantage. You can pick and choose and end up with the best.

But in order to pick the best, you must make the right decisions. You can’t just review the resumes, find someone you think will fit, and hire them. This is a bad mistake.

Don’t try and save time and energy by taking an action like this. It becomes more important to really put some effort into screening the applicants and getting the perfect person.

Now, with this wide selection to choose from, your chances of finding that ideal employee have increased greatly. Use this to your advantage and for the benefit of your company.

Why Would You Hire Just Anyone?

Now you have a pile of resumes and a stream of interviews lined up. You have to get down to work and talk to those whose resumes “speak” to you.  You have to ensure you scour those resumes and line up only the ones who appear to be the very best for in-person interviews. Remember, if you choose just anyone, in trying to cut down on your workload and time expended, you’ll be making a costly mistake.

It takes money to hire and train a new employee. If you just pick someone superficially, you may think you can just throw him or her in and let them make it or not. But this takes time and energy away from your business. It also takes the time and energy of other employees who have to cope while the new person is learning the ropes.

Don’t Cut Your Own Throat in Hiring

Yes, the times are tough. It’s important to get someone to fill your open position right away. There’s a certain amount of loss that goes with having a spot unfilled.

But don’t cut your own throat by just throwing anyone in there. You can use these times to your advantage and find a great employee who will join the team with the full-throttle intention to make your business thrive.

Don’t hire just anyone and throw them in to sink or swim. Hire the best! Hire RIGHT!

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If you have had any bad hiring experiences in your company and at this point have lost all faith in mankind and completely given up on the idea that there is somebody out there whose sole purpose in life is not the destruction of your property, we need to talk. Bluntly, there is hope that you can have somebody on staff that will help you and your business. It can be done.

This is our secret weapon that reveals who you should hire. Find out how you can use this to your benefit.

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