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Creating a Stable Working Environment - Part 2

This is a continuation from the previous month's article. If you missed it, go here to view it online.

As we see the rapid mood swings of our economy starting to even out, it is even more important now to maintain stability and security in the workplace. Having happy employees in your business will raise your productivity, which in turn will be a small, but extremely valuable oiled cog in the rusty wheel of our flagging economy. Add a few thousand companies all striving to provide a stable working environment, which in turn raises both morale and productivity, and suddenly we have created a robust production spike that will jolt the slow progression of our economy up into a normal and more prosperous range.


“Your team is the foundation of your success....”


So how do we do that?

In the last article we covered the importance of having an up-to-date Employee Handbook, where all the rules and regulations of the company can be referred to and referenced when needed. In this article we are going to cover the importance of your TEAM.

Your team is the foundation of your success. They provide you with the time and resources to be able to do your job more effectively and efficiently and without them you might still be able to have gotten to where you are now, but it would have been harder, your hours longer as you sacrifice your personal life to climb the career ladder. From the girl who answers your phone and spends her entire day controlling the phone traffic that floods into your office, to the guy at your mail house who handles your postcards and promotion pieces, all these people add up to an important part of your team and it's doubly important for you to understand what keeps them happy, so that they in turn work harder for you.

This brings us around to discussing the component parts that make a team and how these things affect you.

Everyone knows his or her OWN job

This may seem obvious, or even asinine, but if a job description isn't fully documented and explained, then how can an employee be totally competent in functioning as that position? It's one thing to explain the rules, another to have schooling on it, or even a degree in whatever post that your employee is expected to hold, but its another thing entirely to give a detailed description on exactly how YOU like this job or position to be held.

Let's take Jane Smith for example. You've just hired her to be your executive assistant. She's worked for 15 years as a receptionist for a big law firm. She's quite competent at what she does, so it should be an easy step for her to go from handling the traffic of a law firm, to handling your personal communiqué.

So on Day 1 you show her to her desk and wander off into your own office to get a jump on your day. Two hours later, you've had no phone calls, no emails, no contact whatsoever from the outside world. Perplexed you poke your head out to see a neat stack of messages, all of your emails printed, highlighted and flagged, and Ms. Smith is sitting alertly with a plastic smile on her face ready for the next phone call to come in. What's just happened here?

In Jane's law firm, her lawyers wanted her to divert as much traffic as possible from their busy schedules, so she handled that neatly and efficiently by taking messages, reading through emails and noting the important points, and otherwise keeping her lawyers free to do their lawyerly business with their billable clients.

Is Jane a bad employee? Of course not! She simply fell into a successful pattern for her that was really workable at her former job and not so workable for you.

Now let's take the same scenario. Day 1. You show Jane to her desk. You hand her a copy of her job where you simply state that you need all calls to be screened to determine buyers from business contacts, and top priority are family calls. You also detail that you like a cup of coffee in the morning with two sugars and 2 little creamers. Jane, being an efficient, likable good employee appreciates how articulate and succinct her job description is and on Day 2 you have a hot cup of coffee with 2 sugars and 2 creamers, a stack of messages from those she had screened out, and a schedule full of appointments.

This isn't to say that all will be as easy as writing down a job description, but if you don't know what your employees do, then how will they?

Tune in next month for the next tip on creating stability in the workplace!

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