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Getting the right person the first time.

Recent example: Client was a law firm in Beverly Hills who needed a legal secretary with particular skills. They sent over the job description and the details thereof were hashed out. I went to work and reviewed over 30 resumes and found a person that fit their qualifications perfectly. An interview was set up and the employer met with this person and she liked her a lot. A second interview was arranged for the other partner in the firm to meet the prospect, but on the day of the interview the prospect got sick and that interview was postponed. The other partner also went out of town for a few days. The situation in the law firm’s office that prompted the need for hiring a legal secretary suddenly got worse, and instead of having 2 weeks to fill the position, it now had to be done by next week when the out-of-town partner returned. Because the chosen one was sick and unable to meet the other partner for the 2nd interview, we were required to look for more candidates. Also, the other partner could not believe that the chosen one was what they were looking for, had a hard time swallowing the fact that I am able to get what the client needs on the first try. So I came up with 3 more good candidates and they interviewed 2 of them and really liked them all and were very impressed with the people that were sent to them. However, the one that best fit their needs was the first one. But, any of them could have been hired.


And, as an additional bonus, the prospect was already in the process of moving to the Beverly Hills area  and once the decision to hire was made she realized that the office is only 2 miles away from her new apartment. The first 2 interviews were done at other locations than the office so this was not known until the end.


And, they also got her at the salary that they wanted.


So, moral of the story is that if you want the right person quickly without spending time in interviews, I will get you what you want the first time.


I have a number of case histories like this.



The Bright Side of Unemployment

Is there a bright side to unemployment? For some maybe it doesn't seem that way but for others, most definitely there is. And that would be small business owners who are in need of good quality people.

In times of higher than normal layoffs and downsizing by some businesses, these laid off workers and executives become available to small business often at a cost that is much lower than in prosperous times. Now is the time to go shopping for good staff !

We have that exact situation happening here. There has been a large influx of some amazing people in recent months and many of them are lowering their salary requirements just to get back in the job market. You could save 10s of thousands of dollars right now in wages and related costs.

It is all part of the normal economical cycle, when there is an abundance of supply, prices go down. Works the same for employees.

And, look at it this way. It is never as bad as the fear mongers make it out to be.

Flourish and prosper.