The 10 Most Common Mistakes
in Hiring Qualified Applicants
(and How to Avoid Them!)

If you are making any of these 10 mistakes in your hiring practices


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Truth of the matter is — it can be a real gamble to hire personnel for your company.

Unless you know how to control the “Crystal Ball”, you may end up with people who ultimately cause harm to your business and profits.

How It Usually Is — Unfortunately

Have you come across any of these scenarios in your company?

  • Employees who take a long time to complete an assignment?
  • Employees who not only do not complete the assignment but what they did do was completely wrong.
  • Instead of accepting what needs to be done and getting to work promptly, the employee protests and gives reasons why it can’t or shouldn’t be done, or how it should be done differently.
  • Employees who seemingly are very cheerful and talk a lot but never get any real work done. The “PR” artist.
  • Employees who more often than not misunderstand what should be done and do something different, causing extra work by others to handle their new mess.
  • Employees whose work area always seem to be in a state of confusion.
  • You have a “grouchy” employee — someone who is always bad tempered and gives others a hard time about the most minor things.

Here’s an Ideal Scene!

Let’s paint the picture on how it should look! Consider this:

  • You give the employee an assignment and it gets done quickly and cheerfully.
  • The assignment that is done is also done correctly and with better results than expected and within shorter-than-expected time frame.
  • Their work area is neat and orderly and their general attitude towards life and work is that of helping others, of helping the business be more successful and of caring more about the success of the business than their own convenience.
  • The cheerfulness you see isn’t just empty talk. When this person says it will get done, it gets done with better-than-expected results and he/she is genuinely happy about it.
  • Their general productivity is usually very high.
  • If they mess something up, they don’t try to find someone else to blame for it. They own up to any mistake and work extra hard to make up for it.
  • They are generally a pleasure to work with.

See the difference?

Which one would you rather have working for you?

I have put together a free report I'm giving out to anyone who wants it. It is called “How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes in Hiring Qualified Applicants”.

In this free report you will find useful (actually, indispensable) tips applicable to your hiring practices. I dare say if the points covered in this book are not completely done in your business, you are having trouble with personnel.

Vital Topics to Turn Around Your Hiring

These are the important topics covered:

  • The Job Description and its importance
  • How to promote your job opening
  • The importance of the work environment
  • How much pay should you offer for that position?
  • How to read a resume
  • Why and how do you pre-qualify your candidates by phone?
  • How to conduct proper interviews
  • How to use testing to qualify a candidate
  • The importance of obeying the law in hiring
  • And, if you have a qualified candidate in front of you, what do you do?

Information Based on Extensive Experience

The vital information in this free report is gleaned from my experience as a professional recruiter. I have run my own very successful recruitment/professional employment agency for 13 years and I know what it takes to recruit extraordinary people. You are more or less getting a brain dump of everything I have learned in an abbreviated form. These are the factors that affect hiring good quality people.

I want you to succeed and this report is my gift to you. Hopefully it will help you on the way to having a very successful future

Nothing to Lose — Everything to Gain!

This report is completely free! No strings attached! And you have nothing to lose. Your information will not be sold to third parties or used for marketing purposes by others.

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